Graduated Summa Cum Laude at Syracuse University with a BFA in Illustration and minor in Environment and Society, my hand-drawn and painted art style is often informed by the natural world, children, and animals. I love wildlife research, animal caretaking, and exploring the outdoors. This includes hiking with my dog Coal, to anatomical research at local zoos. My entire family, (including my identical twin sister) is involved in the children’s publishing industry, making children's stories at the heart of my creativity. 
I am a published freelance and children's book Illustrator and designer for print and web media. My work ranges from children's book illustrations for Mascot Books, to website graphics for Real Dog. On the side, I run an Etsy site with hand-made animal designs and graphics on products and apparel.
This year I have completed five children's books; one of them being The Tales of Mr. Ken and the Six Sassy Hens By Author Diane Sorensen.
​​​​​​​I look forward to collaborating with whoever shares my passion for design and illustration.​​​​​​
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