Did you know that every animal has a unique plural noun to describe their groupings?  Illustrated, designed, and written by myself, "Collections of Critters" is a children's book that illustrates animal groups unique plural names. 
Collections of Critters is a non-fiction book with a fictional flair of imagery. Although geared towards children 5 to 12, toddlers through to young adults can find amusement and learn something new with every page. 
Animals are characterized with human-like expressions, doing silly activities that will make anyone laugh; from coyotes playing instruments, salmon running a marathon, to owls arguing governmental law over the parliament table. Further details and clues can be spotted with every read, allowing children’s minds to open to new narratives and possibilities 
Back cover mock up
Back cover mock up
Front cover mock up
Front cover mock up

Thumbnail Mockup 

Title page treatment

The book is a total of 32 pages. All interior pages are two-page spreads — a total of 14 spreads with captivating colors and group dynamics. All animal collections are unique yet come together through my own distinctive characterization and hand-drawn watercolor style.
Each spread will feature the name of the animal and their coinciding collective noun. An interesting fact about each animal is also included on each spread to captivates readers and teach youth about animal characteristics and behavior along with reading and language skills.
The back of the book will feature an index about the different types of species, further teaching readers the diversity and wonders of animals on Earth — who knew there were six different species of flamingos?

A Run of Salmon

A Bed of Sloths

A Raft of Otters

A Tower of Giraffes 

A Congress of Salamanders

A Parliament of Owls

A Troop of Baboons

An Army of Frogs

A Kaleidoscope of Butterflies 

An Eclipse of Moths

A Band of Coyotes

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